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fear is taking me over

This is my first message. Currently i finished chemotherapy and waiting to start radiotherapy. I’m quite nervous about the outcome of my treatment…. I found a a swollen lymph node in right armpit. I have an appointment (6/10) to prepare the excision of the nodule. I have to wait for results… I find it strange that the disease has returned soon after chemotherapy ... I have read some things about Sanford V regimen, but I understand that most people with LH is being treated with different regimens. ...
Jill threw a punch at your cancer.
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Hi Constanca, Please don't fear like that. I too had HL Stage 2 and I had chemotherapy for 6 months. Currently, I am in remission but I know that this could all change at any time. I am sure the doctors will treat you and you will be fine!! Sometimes, one type of treatment doesn't kill the cancer. I know some women who went thru chemo, radiation and then a stem-cell transplant before they finally got rid of the HL! So do not despair. Sometimes the lymphoma is a little more stubborn then we'd like it to be but you will be rid of it! Stay positive and stay focused on what you need to do to finally kick it out of your system!! :) You can beat this!!! Stay strong, Lauren in New York
Hodgkin's seems like it acts differently in each patient. I'm sorry you're scared and I certainly hope you're not experiencing recurrence. Just know that there are a ton of new, effective treatments for Hodgkin's out there, and you're not running out of options. Try not to worry too much before you talk to your doctor (yeah, right, huh?). I'm sending you good thoughts.
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